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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bethel Lutheran Church - Alberta Canada helps in rebuilding of Springs of Life Lutheran Church - Kibera!

When peace returned in Kibera Slums after reconciliations,the number of Children mostly seeking admission in Luther Academy which was looted and burned along with other Church facilities increased.This out stretched the School resources and a new class space was needed.We were forced to use the burned Church lower hall to accommodate these extra classes.
Our brothers and sisters from Bethel Lutheran Church,Alberta Canada led by Pastor Ziprich Marv early this year passed by at the nick of time.They saw with there own eyes the aftermaths of the devastation in Kenya,they cried with us and went quietly sharing in our sorrow.
They have made a difference! having made donation to help put up the temporary classroom whose construction is on going.The Bethel group will be arriving this week to share Christ love in opening the classrooms at Luther Academy and participate in Bible Vacation for Children aged 4 - 14 years.
Welcome to Springs of Life Lutheran Church - Kibera. We belong to one Body "THE BODY OF CHRIST" Karibu Kenya! Karibu Kibera!