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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blessings from St.Paul`s Lutheran Church:New Harford - USA

This great visit by pastor Yeadon and the team from St.Paul`s Lutheran Church -New Hartford,CI will remain in the midst of many Christians and brothers in Springs of Life Lutheran Church for their witness and love of Christ that was heard, evident in their testimonies for Christ and the powerful message of the proclamation of the Gospel that the Rev.Tim Yeadon delivered to all faithfuls that Sunday.God be glorified.

The next day the team went and shared Christ love with Luther Academy.It was a great occasion for the Luther Academy School Pupils, Teachers and few Parents who had received a treat to visit the Park recently. This was and is a blessing from God from The St Paul Lutheran Church Breathrens led by Pastor Yeadon and other Group members of that Church. We say thank you for your visit at Springs of Life Lutheran Church and the treat to the children in our School the first of its kind as many of the children could not have afforded the fees that were involved due to disparities of the poor livelihood in which they live and nature of poverty. Thank you Pastor for your assistance in all arrangements that made this purposed trip a successes. The wonderful group that visited with you and all other people who were on hand to make your journey here memorable.

We look forward and Pray to our God Almighty that this love will touch more souls at St. Paul's Church community as we are one in Christ Jesus our Lord. God`s love that is in Pulpit Fellowship, to unite with us in prayer to rebuild the Church Sanctuary currently in dire need as it continues with its mission of evangelism to all people in its community.
We thank you all and welcome Again.